Sunday, 26 May 2019

Crazy. Young. Us

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On last Friday, 24th May 2019, I was having a chit-chat with my office colleagues about various things; notably of which was 'how much we have changed in recent years!’

The conversation started when we noticed that the photo on the ID card barely matches the people wearing it. There is a noticeable difference in face and all that jazz around it. They instantly declared my id to be somebody else's. I didn't doubt them. I have changed a lot. 

After this, we began scrolling through each other's Facebook timelines of the early days of Facebook. A steep stretch of embarrassment and a mild smile at the corner of the lips, remembering those old days, could be easily noticed. There were multiple occasions of each person disbelieving it to be themselves who could put a status or share a poem like that EVER in their life. But it was us, we knew. 

While I was scrolling through my Facebook wall, I could see dance videos, relationship advice, and life lessons. Can you imagine, life lessons coming from a 16-year-old me! I was astounded. Or was I? I leave it with you to decide.

Anyways, I scrolled through almost every single post and was enthralled, embarrassed but also proud. Proud because I used to come out of my comfort zone and write all those stuff. I used to put in efforts, form a dance group, set the choreography by hook or crook watching other dance videos. Put in hours to make 1 thing at a time possible. And eventually do it. If I wanted to write a story, I used to put in hours and hours to write 1 perfect (in my mind) story and publish it online on my blog and patiently wait for the likes and comments. Even 1 like and a comment was enough to make my day. Or merely the fact of me publishing it online was orgasmic. 

In short, my younger version was bold enough to do what he wants. And if we all look back, we all might be able to relate to this notion.

After realizing this, I instantly asked this question to myself, why am I not anymore the way I used to be? Why am I not that guy who as per one of my friend, involved-into-something-new-every-day crazy anymore? Why have I lost the touch of experimenting or learning new things? What have I possibly done wrong and thought it to be right which has made me this damn lazy and a serious procrastinator?! And the list of similar questions flooded my mind.

was taken aback. I thought about it for some time, thought about it some more, then some more, but all in vain. It is inconclusive still at my end why most of us feel they are lazy and just passing through their life; not living it to the most!

We all might have our own story around it. But in the end, there is 1 thing in common between all of us. One thing that most of us would agree to become. And that is to be the younger version of ourselves again.

For the same, I have taken a step forward by writing this post and sharing it with you all, just like I used to do once upon a time. Tell me in comments if you agree on what I have stated and what could be possible reasons for us becoming, frankly, boring?

P.S: I couldn’t come up with a suitable title for this post! Sorry! :P


  1. As always Gujjar is one of your crazy fans of your blogs and itna gehrayi se sochne wala dimaag aur simply present karne wali kala ��
    Keep it up broda ��������

    Pramod Gurjar

    1. Dhanywaad Gurjar sahab. Kahin na kahin lag Raha tha ki aapka comment aayega. ;)