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Sacred Games Season 2 Honest Reviews with Ending Explained

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I usually don't write reviews of various TV series or movies I have watched over the years. But then, I rarely have binge-watched something so desperately like Sacred Games Season 2. 8 straight hours from 12 in the morning on Independence Day in 'vain'!

The 'vain' part is debatable because people have different perspective and opinion about these things. But if you know me and my taste in TV series and movies, then perhaps you might associate with the feeling of helplessness I am feeling now. It feels like I have been robbed of my time. Perhaps, had I went ahead with 'The Boys' on Amazon Prime would have been a better deal. But all of this might not be true.


**Review starts here, so if you haven't watched it, you may skip reading the article**

Season 1 ended on a high note where we are left hanging with many questions about the upcoming events. Season 2 did answer everything. Connected the remaining dots from the previous season and presented us with a story which was quite predictable if you happen to cross the first half of the season.

Personally, I felt there were a lot of scenes that had fewer to no sense to it. But yet it was put to our misery. With every episode being close to an hour-long, you expect something good or perhaps a revelation that might create a craving to go for the next episode. In my opinion except the last few and the 1st episode, the season took a monotonous approach. Honestly, I was dragging myself of from 1 episode to another, not to forget the yawn sometimes as well, in the middle.

However, this isn't the first show that gets dragged in the middle that I have watched, but others had something up their sleeves in the end that would wash out the slowness. You feel ecstatic in the end. Perhaps a feeling of good investment and that 'chull' of recommending it to other friends of yours to watch the show comes up immediately; not with this season though. Here, as soon as the season ends, I was searching for a teaser at the end just like Marvel Movies for an answer. I felt betrayed that how could you leave a viewer hanging on a cliff like that. I felt cheated.


We have seen movies like Inception, Seven, etc that had a thought-provoking end. The viewers are left with a lot to discuss. The same happened here as well when you are left ablaze where Sartaj Singh actually is able to disable that Nuclear Bomb or not. However, you may question the intent here. Personally, you would ONLY want him to decipher the code but deep down you know it isn't happening that way. Logically answering, the pattern that he draws and what his brother Shahid dress to activate the Nuclear bomb doesn't match. So, obviously, the bomb would have exploded leaving 8 lakh people dead within the first hour of the explosion, as stated in the series is some episode. But all said and done, you don't want that to accept. Personally, I feel they shouldn't have left it on the viewers to decipher this thing. Because this now creates confusion. A very bad confusion whether the bomb exploded or not. Deep down you might feel it did, but also you wholeheartedly want it the other way round. All this resulting in a sense of despair and confusion. Sigh!

In short, I didn't enjoy season 2 because of how it ends. Therefore, would recommend you to not binge watch it with a lot of expectations. If followed, you might not get disappointed with it, although debatable!



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