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Not a love story- The birthday

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Note: Read the first chapter of this mini series here.

He logged into his Facebook account and saw 6 notifications. 3 were the truly displeasing candy crush requests, while the remaining were the birthday wishes. But out of all those, the last one caught his mind that read, ‘Eshita has written on your timeline’.

Sums up a birthday!

Unable to contain his excitement, he immediately clicked on the link and got redirected to the timeline post of hers that read,

‘Wish you a very happy birthday Sahil. May you get whatever you want in your life.
PS: Too bad you didn’t tell me about your birthday. Thank God I surf Facebook round the clock and took notice of other people’s wishes on your timeline. This will have consequences (party type). *wink*’

He read it and smiled. And after thinking for a second he typed the first thank-you message of the evening.

‘Glad to see your message. Thank you for it. I am ready to pay for my sin. *wink*’

Thereafter he quickly skimmed through the rest of the wishes on his timeline. He thanked each one of them who took their time out to wish him luck. The feeling was profound because he hid his birthday info on Facebook a year ago only to include people who genuinely cared and made efforts for him.

After 15 mins…

He was watching a video on YouTube when a notification sound caught his attention. He paused the video and clicked on the Facebook tab. A childlike glee spread on this face. It was Eshita’s reply to his earlier comment.
‘You should be. *wink*’

‘Hi. Thank you for the birthday wish. I didn’t anticipate that.’ He promptly sent this and waited curiously for her reply.

‘You’re welcome. Though I am angry that you didn’t tell me about your birthday.*sad*

Over the two weeks of interaction, this thing never caught up as a subject to them. They mostly discussed anything except for their favorite color, hero, heroine and birthday.

All those basic questions that once acted as a conversation starter for most people was surprisingly overlooked by them. May be, the times have changed. Now, you don’t have to discuss lame things, like favorite colour, to carry on a conversation. The list of topics is huge today. And people have become even more open.

‘I am sorry. But this thing never crossed my mind. By the way, when does your birthday come?’

‘Yeah, right. It will be on the 29th of the next month. Do not forget to wish me. Haha!’

‘I won’t.’ He made a mental note so as not to forget about it. Although, he quickly added a reminder to this cell phone because of his terrific memory power which has gotten him into a lot of trouble lately.

‘Are you free tomorrow?’ He added.

‘Mm… yeah. Why?’

‘For dealing with the consequences. *wink* Birthday treat.’ He crossed his fingers in desperation. Something that happens with most of the guys when they invite a girl and do not wish to be rejected or put on a wait.

‘Ahaaan. Would love to. When? Where?’

‘Whatever time and place suits you.’

‘Ok. Then, CafĂ© Coffee Day at 5pm?’

‘Seems fine.’

‘Alright then birthday boy. Time to catch a sleep. See you tomorrow. Once again, happy birthday. *smile*’

‘Thank you. Have a great time. Ciao. *smile*’

With a thoughtful face and a set curve of bliss he logged out.

To be continued…

Read the next chapter, here.


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