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Not a love story: How they met?

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In the 21st century, there was a boy. Average height. High hopes. Low spirited but always willing to take risks for experiences. And looked more like the Indian version of Clark Kent (Minus the physique).

He had his definition of love, the same as that of Gerard Butler from ‘The Ugly Truth’; true love is a myth. And relationship is a slow poison. He was adamant. Unwilling to change his thoughts and theories about love and whereabouts of it. After all, he had his share of bad experiences in the past.

He was living his mediocre life. Took fun, as much out as possible, from a mundane routine and a boring job that did not pay well too. He was a big fan of Facebook, Twitter and WWE. Give him 2 mins of free time and he could be found gazing his phone’s screen, scrolling, reading, judging, assuming and what not.

His profession has gotten him to be in touch with numerous girls of various shades and lifestyle. Some liked party animals, unlike him. Some liked the chocolate guys of the 80s that had a classic style of showing their fondness. And likewise, the list of characteristics and interests were endless  with permutations and combinations. Almost.

However, there was this girl, a little healthy (almost fit) and had alluring eyes with a gentle gleam as if they were new to the world. The smile was enough to encourage people to wash out their forlorn make-up. She was eccentric and straightforward. But went blunt only under special circumstances. Mostly stayed jovial and chilled.

One fine day they got into a conversation because of some business purpose. However, the conversation soon took a different turn and there was an endless discussion about movies, TV series, songs and every other thing that entertains anybody. Not everything, though.

Only when the eyes yelled for a break and the head turned to look at the time, which was 4.30 in the morning, they exchanged pleasantries and went to sleep. Unaware what the coming days would be like, they dozed off. At least, she.

‘I didn’t know we had so many similarities. She is intellectual  and witty. Hope we talk again.’ With this thought in the mind the guy dug his head in the pillow. Switched off the lights, raced the fan speed and went to slumber for good!

To be continued… 

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  1. Loved it Varun.. Also eagerly waiting for next part :)

    1. Thank you, Anjali :)
      The next part will come very soon.

      Keep visiting O:)