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Not a love story: The first almost date- Part 1

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NOTE: Here are the first 2 chapters of this mini-series: Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.

There he was at Café Coffee day, at 5pm sharp, waiting for her and analysing his decision of being on time. How could he not work this through that a girl is always 2 quarters late on arrival?! Seemed like, those Sherlock episodes of last night didn’t work it’s magic on him.

Nevertheless, as expected, she came 15min later than the theoretically assumed time. 5.45 pm it showed on his watch along with a little disappointment on his face mixed with a pinch of regret.

Almost helping himself from the anti-climax and tiredness of waiting for someone, he stood up, walked to the other chair and pulled it out for her.

With more of a sorry-I-got-late-please-don’t-be-mad than a thank-you-for-the-chivalry face, she took the seat.

‘I am really sorry for making you wait like this.’ She immediately said apologetically enough to melt down Sahil’s little anger.

As a matter of fact, Sahil never liked to wait for anyone. He was an on-time guy and wanted others to appreciate the value of time as well. But much to his woes, things have never been the way he wanted them to be.

‘No, it is fine.’ He blurted immediately as if rehearsing it since hours, may be months, with different people at the receiving end.

Unable to comprehend the latent tension on the other side, she switched off the sorry-mode, assuming that would be of no use. After all, she has never been a make-up girl. She found it tiresome and tough to reconcile for her wrong doings after a certain point. And that point was mostly an honest ‘I am sorry.’ That’s it. Apology made for her.

Sahil didn’t like to stay with the wind too. He moved on fast. Something that time has taught him through the hard way. So he blended well and asked what she would like to have.

‘One peppy chicken roll and café latte’, she said almost hiding her excitement. She was a big time foodie and never compromised food for an hour-glass figure. ‘Who would skip delicious meals for something so materialistic,’ she would say. However, those calorie filled meals weren’t visible by her looks. Morning yoga and cardio have done its magic have paid well.

Then, almost interrupting him, she took out a gift from her purse and with a sweet sugary smile passed that to him.

He didn’t foresee that up to this extent, so he took it as a massive surprise which was quite evident through his next-to-weird reaction.

‘Oh my God. I… didn’t… mmm… that’s so sweet of you. Thank you.’ He said while fighting a frog in his throat and making awkward gestures to blend in with the situation.

She answered with a smile when he slowly placed that rectangular shaped gift box while guessing what’s inside it. He gave up too early and went on to order the food stuffs.

‘Thank you, I seriously didn’t anticipate that. You actually shocked me twice today. Haha.’ He said after coming back.

Sahil had a way of expressing himself. If he had a grudge or something he disliked, he would say it indirectly through something sweet. It is kind of an encoded message in a box of chocolate. So, mostly it went unnoticed or stayed hidden behind that alluring other sentence. This way he confessed and let go of the things while not hurting the other person. He disliked hurting people. So he avoided it as much as he could.

‘Haha. I am actually sorry for coming late. And about the gift, it is the least I could do for you birthday boy.’ She grinned.

Eshita believed that one should never visit anyone, on their birthday or a birthday party, without a gift. No matter how small it is, never go empty-handed, she thought, just like Sahil.

‘You are very smart, I must say.’ He said with the first genuine smile of the evening.

‘Thank you. Thank you.’ She chuckled.

Meanwhile, their orders comes and were about to get into business of eating, sipping coffee and more talking, but all this was taken aback by the ghastly look on Eshita’s face when she caught a glance of somebody. Somebody familiar to her. A lot familiar.

To be continued…

Read the next part, here.


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  3. Really good read. I love how the story is taking place.

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