Friday, 27 May 2016

Not a love story: Phone a Friend

Note: Is this your first post of the series? Wait. Start reading from here: Not a love story: How they met?

With the passing weeks, the bond between Sahil and Eshita became weaker because they hardly talked. Most of the time when he pinged her, she was either out for shopping or was busy somewhere else. And this thing, after a certain time, started frustrating him, as he was the ONLY one who, evidently, took measures to stay in touch.

The situation grew so bad that he even started to doubt whether the two of them really shared a special connection ever. Or, whether all of that was just a common affair for her. Or in other words, she judged the conversations between them within the boundaries of friendship. Not an inch more, but maybe, a mile lesser. And all this made him highly distressed.

The signs of unhappiness, dejection and resentment were clearly visible with the way Sahil started to lose his calm in minor matters. Due to this, he started to spend more time being alone. Although, the two of them did talk at certain occasions but it was more formally tuned. Nothing magical happened that would revive the old Sahil; the one who was bright and bubbly. It was shocking that a girl could do that to him. That he would completely loose his mind on her. Undoubtedly, he had his likings towards her and was seeking for more attention than what he was receiving. All these things really played a game with his mind. Life was changing for him. Or maybe, he was changing.

But one final day he decided to speak to a close friend of his, seeking advice on the same. This was the first occasion that he has opened up to anybody on his personal life. He always believed that personal matters once spoken are not in your control. You can’t steer its spread and exposure. But, he didn’t care any longer about that thing from happening. Rather, he wished that she (Eshita) could know what her absence has turned him into.

So, he calls up Rupasi, a-more-than-a-friend-and-less-than-a-girlfriend kind of friend. They both shared almost everything, except for the relationship part from Sahil’s end, apparently, which was yet to make its debut. Rupasi, on the other hand, had a boyfriend for 3 years now and she has seen many ups and downs in all that time. Thinking of which Sahil thought her to be the perfect person for contact.

“Hey champ! What’s the problem, tell me?” said Rupasi assertively. Almost like she knew that something is wrong the other side.

“What?! I mean, how do you know?” replied Sahil who was totally perplexed with the witching skills of his friend.

“See the time. It is 5 and I am in the class. You know this thing and yet made a call. So, eliminating the odds, something must have really gotten wrong.  Simple. But see the irony, you watch Sherlock Holmes!” she chuckles.

“All hail the queen” responded Sahil with a grin. It was the first time in days when he genuinely laughed.

You make me feel good, know this” he added.

“I know, I know. Why not? I am the only girl who talks to you. And you are not gay from what I know” replied Rupasi while rolling her eyes and throwing a devilish smile back.

“Oh! Come on. There are a lot of girls who talk to me…….once in a blue moon” he chuckles.

Hahaha! Acha tell me the issue. I need to get back to the class

Oh! Yeah. Sorry. Long story short, I like a girl who doesnt give me attention anymore that she used to once. This thing frustrates me. What to do?!... And if, you need to know the entire story, then we can have a word when you are free? asked Sahil in desperation. He needed a solution to this. Quickly.

Mmmhard for me to process anything at the moment. Quick tip: Call her right away and have a normal conversation. This will seize the curiosity bug inside you for a few hours. Update me afterwards. Ttyl. Bubye. She replied almost with utmost assurance and dominance as if she knew what was best for the ongoing situation.

Ok. Sure. Bubye and he hangs up.

He then immediately calls her up which he had thought to do it since a few days. But then, ego and hurt did not let him dial the number. Men and ego! You see.

“Hello” replied a manly voice from the other end.

A lot of background noise from Eshitas end made it impossible for Sahil to hear anything.

“Hello, Eshita?!” he confirms.

“Sorry, she is in the washroom. Mind calling her later” replied the hefty voiced male.

“Ok. By the way, who is this?” asked Sahil in a meek voice.

This is Anurabh.

Ok Anurabh. Tell Eshita that Sahil called. Thanks. Bye and he hangs up instantly.

Upon disconnecting, an unsettling chill swept through him. He couldn’t think of anything at all. A gush of thoughts and questions struck his mind. He was already not well with the happenings and now having found that Eshita was going out with her ex added kerosene to the fire.

He was in need to have a word with her and that too as soon as possible.

To be continued….


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